ATELIER CLOUT is a full-service agency devoted entirely to the fashion world. Creating desire and achieving transformative growth for leading and high-profile brands. Building successful brands internationally by uncovering the ‘why’ behind their existence. AC was formed to discover, support, and provide digital solutions to fashion artists.

Delivering digital growth to the fashion artists via Brand propositions, strategy, competitive analysis.

Our business objectives are not just as digital marketers, but also as advisers, negotiators, and sales representatives to our clients with the aim to achieve their goals. We develop and execute your campaign from A-Z with an in-house team of experts. Let us help you with your advertising & marketing needs.


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Haren Sagar is an Internet entrepreneur, with completing his computer science from Harvard University.EDU, along holding major degrees in business and marketing sector from various universities, working alongside many startups. Haren specializes in information technology sector and is responsible for educating other employees on using high-tech systems designed by his IT Company. Haren is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Haren is inspired daily by his dad who is a socialite.



We mastered the art of desire. A strategic, thought-leading partner, informed by industry research, relevant success stories, and current consumer insights, we identify your unique position and carve your path to success with the least resistance.

Distinctive, beautiful, and imbued with meaning. This is always our approach to exceptional branding.

Powerful storytelling moves. We are a leader in digital storytelling for high-profile brands. 20% of people will read the text on a page, but 80% of people will watch a video. In fact, it’s a pure miracle you are reading this right now. You’ll recall 65% of the visual content that you see almost three days later. But you’ll always remember how we just made you feel. Entertained and informed.

You deserve a stunning digital experience that converts immediately. Whether it’s designing for an enterprise-level e-commerce platform, a branded amazon store, a real estate sales site, or an augmented reality app, our work is built for scale, performance, and longevity. We build/design with a mobile-first approach following best-practices for high-performance. We prioritize easy and clear information architecture, building conversion-driven websites with engaging interaction and unique digital brand experience.

We simplify complexity and hold the formula to brand success. We are analytical, and data-driven strategists with great taste, high-standards, and industry-leading expertise in SEO, SEM, and email marketing.

Experience is not only the new luxury, it’s a necessity. We leverage our influential network to execute tactics with low costs and high impact, increasing brand awareness, creating desire amongst industry leaders and key influencers, and resulting in long-lasting partnerships, high consumer recognition, and brand loyalty.

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